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Just back from my first session at the gym. I go for my consultation on Monday but I figured I should go today and tomorrow seeing as I’ve already paid for this week’s membership.On Tuesday, after my volunteer work, I bought myself a present for joining up at the gym. The Polar FT4 HRM watch thingie in the picture. After hearing http://littlelightx.tumblr.com/ (go check her out! She’s amazing!) talk about how easy they were to used, I decided to get one! It was on sale at $127, down from $170. It was a little bit more than I was willing to pay but that was it’s cheapest price in any store.Firstly I spent an hour on the treadmill just walking at a reasonable pace, I did however do a minute or two of light jogging (which killed me!). I was going to spend longer on the treadmill but after an hour it automatically put me onto a cooldown cycle.I then spent 10 minutes on the Cross trainer (elliptical) before switching to the Exercycle and doing a further 10 minutes on that. I was really nervous about joining the gym. I was worried that everyone would be able to tell I was new and stare at what settings I put the machine on but that didn’t happen at all. I actually felt reasonably comfortable there. The biggest thing I was worried about was the changing rooms. I was scared that I had to get changed and shower in a communal setting but those fears went away pretty quickly. The showers all had separate cubicles, which were just big enough to get changed in afterwards and the changing rooms themselves had toilets for the really shy. Otherwise there were 4-5 little ‘rooms’ which each had their own temporary lockers and enough bench space for 5 people. So I quickly picked a section that was empty :D
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