Feeling really upset at people in my life….

Next weekend is my engagement party and I just found out that my two friends from high school and grandmother and uncle won’t be coming to it. One of my friends has organised something on top of it and the other apparently couldn’t find anyone to cover her at work. I’m probably just being really blah but I gave everyone 6 weeks notice of when the party was going to be. Just really upset that once again my ‘friends’ couldn’t be bother putting the effort in for me.

Now as for my grandmother, ever since my grandfather died, she has had to live off their saving. She originally said she was coming, however she has now organised an exchange student to stay for 10 days at her house so she won’t be coming down. She said that she really needs the money and that’s why she won’t be going. I feel like saying to her that I’ll pay her the $300 if it means she’ll be there. It’s only about 3 hours drive and it really pissed me off that my engagement party is worth less to her. But on her side, I guess it’s nothing important, it’s only her FIRST grandchild to be engaged -sar fucking casm-

Seriously though, what does it mean if your grandmother is putting a small amount of money a head of her first grandchild to be getting married???

Now because my grandmother isn’t coming, my only uncle that was able to make it won’t be coming either. They live in the same town and were going to come down together.

So now the engagement party is going to be about 3/4 of my partners family being about to make it and only my parents and sister on my side. I actually feel really pushed a side by everyone. It seems no one actually cares about me anymore or thinks this is important.

Ever since we announced our engagement no one has really cared. There have been more important things going on, like people expecting babies or other weddings and I thought that people would finally be happy for us and come celebrate on Saturday but now I can’t help but feel like everyone will forget why they are there. They will be too busy putting their hands on pregnant bellies and talking about the wedding last weekend.

I honestly feel like no one cares and that we have just been swept under the rug because of everything else going on. Is it selfish of me to want people to fuss over us, talk wedding stuff with us and ignore everything else for just one day???


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